Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Blog!

<$BlogMetaData$> To those of you who respond to articles that are in my blog let me remind you that this blog represents  MY viewpoints. much like a newspaper represents their views. Viewpoints are biased and mine just happens to be against Hyperion. i will publish comments that are argumentative and present an opposing view IF I think it will promote an active discussion among others who read this. if you don't like what i say in MY blog you are more than welcome to start your own, and i will gladly read it however, i will reserve snide comments to myself as they are not productive to good dialogue.
I happen to think that making it mandatory to teach both sides of climate warming and/or global warming in schools is not a duty of the state legislature. we have a board of regents and individual schools for that. this is not a rehash of the Scopes Monkey trial. you have your thoughts and i have mine. it is unfortunate that you disagree with my views, however such is life.


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