Tuesday, January 19, 2010

what does the future hold part 2


I have had several comments about this last article, mostly about money and jobs. what i think people don't understand first of all is that this is not about money it is about health. it is fact and not fallacy that the refinery will pollute. 19 million tons of CO2 is nothing to sneeze at, but this is minor compared to the toxins and particulate matter that is dangerous to ones health. Hyperion has not submitted any qualitative or supporting data on how they will control dangerous emmissions. sulfuric acid, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, nitrous oxide and many particulate matter are dangerous to ones health and quality of life.

as far as jobs are concerned, lets be frank about this and concede that we do not have qualified welders for the miles of piping that will be in the refinery. if you look at the web about qualifications, it requires a minimum of 5 years to be able to make seamless welds in the field. the refinery is not going to take the time to train someone to do this. they don't have the time or the money to train someone, so these jobs will not go to 'local' workers. they will be imported. the wages from the transient workers will not go to businesses in this area, they will go to wherever their homes are located. preston phillips has stated that 80% of the permenant jobs will be imported, so we are talking about jobs for 350  people. is this a large influx? no!. who is going to wait 3-4 years for a job that is paying $20-30 per hour? the unemployment rate in this area is 4-5% and that isn't any higher than normal is it? this is all hope on a wing and a prayer and it isn't going to happen. once again, this is not about money it is about health of the citizens who live here.


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