Sunday, November 20, 2011

The perfect Con

<$BlogMetaData$>“The Perfect Con”

I’m not winning any friends here and I’m probably going to lose the ones that I have, but I feel very strongly about this and things need to be said.

If we had done nothing to stop the Hyperion refinery back in 2007, they would be gone. In their application back in 2007, the refinery was to begin construction in 2009 and be fully operational by 2014. They were bluffing! They raised the bet in the Texas Hold ‘em game and they had nothing in their hand.

They didn’t have the money then and they don’t have the money now. As I just said if we had done nothing, their application would have expired almost 3 years ago and they would be gone. Are we stupid or what?

They didn’t give a rip about the application for an oil refinery then and still don’t. If they did, they would have been more concerned in getting this thing accomplished. They would have also had oil people up here continually, making their presence known. Have you seen anyone from Hyperion lately?

What they want is our money. They obtained options on over 3000 acres of prime South Dakota farmland for $4000 an acre, sometimes more. Five years ago, $4000 was top dollar for farmland. Today it is over $7000-10,000. This isn’t about oil; it was never about oil. This is about making money by optioning land they didn’t even own, and then selling it for huge profits.

If you will look back at my blog (Old Cranky) on the internet you will find an article written when this first started that I loved conspiracies and this was nothing more than a big conspiracy for Hyperion. If you ever watched the movie “The Entertainer” with Robert Redford and Paul Newman”, this is a perfect parody. We are about to get entertained.

They have destroyed friendships, split communities, churches and anything else you can think of all because they promised us the moon, and we ate it, hook, line and sinker. They are not an oil company, but a real estate development company that just happens to have ties to oil money.

I said years ago that Hyperion had no intention of building a refinery. This is nothing but a Texas scam. At the public hearing in January of 2008, I asked 4 questions to Preston Phillips and company. 1) WHERE IS THE OIL COMING FROM? 2) HOW IS IT GOING TO GET HERE? 3) WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM? 4) HOW IS THE OIL GETTING OUT OF HERE? Those questions still have not been answered as of today.

The reason those questions have never been answered is because they don’t know the answers to them either. They are a real estate development company. They don’t know squat about oil refineries.

Here is one more for you that I have asked over and over again. When are you going to say that you are definitely coming to Union County? They have never answered that question. Why, because they never intend to come here.

Our Mickey Mousing around has given them an additional 4 years to build the pot.

Maybe we should do nothing. Nothing has worked so far.

They say the perfect con is when you are giving them your money with a big smile on your face the whole time you are getting scammed, and saying Thank You!