Saturday, September 26, 2015


What in the hell is going on with the Republican party? John Boehner resigns as the Speaker of the House and all the Republicans in Washington and around the country are starting their power play. This is like watching the House of Cards in real time. I have a terrific idea, why don't they try doing something for the people who elected them to Congress in the first place. This mickey mouse idea of posturing for power is not what we are looking for. we are looking for results.

i would suggest that in the election in 2016 that we dump congress. anyone that is running for reelection be voted out. start with a clean slate and put people in there that will do the job they were elected to and not for self interests. Try telling that to those who think they will re-elect the ones that give them things like housing and food and cell phones.

there is an old saying that a democracy (republic) will exist only until voters find out that they can vote government to give them things, then it is all over but the shouting.


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