Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hyperion is stalling

i had an interesting conversation today and came to the conclusion that Hyperion may in fact may be stalling.

think about this for a minute. when Hyperion was granted the air permit back in August of 2009 they were given 18 months to begin construction or they would have to reapply for their permit. this means that construction must begin in the February/March 2011 timeframe.

now Hyperion is having getting venture capital or they would have started construction on the refinery. they can't get investors, and are running out of time, so what better way to stall this than to have the air permit changed. Hyperion offered, let me say this again, offered to refine and redo the air permit because of the change in standards by the EPA on air quality/pollution. by doing this the court case is put on hold and the deadline for beginning the construction on the refinery is put on hold which allows more time for Hyperion to find financial backing. Why else would this happen. this and the fact that they got everyone who had options to extend them for three years. i wonder what is going to happen next that will cause Hyperion to want to delay this project. Stay Tuned for further adventures of Hyperion and the poor souls of Union County.


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