Saturday, July 3, 2010


Farewell Folks
It has been a fun and interesting 3 years, but my car has run out of gas and there aren’t any stations around for a refill. I think the county commissioners and several other people at the Union County Court House will be glad that I’m not going to be bashing them anymore.

Hyperion is never going to happen and hasn’t been in the news lately other than the court case and that is a bust so picking them apart is about done, however I do reserve the right to write letters to the editor when the occasion warrants. Hyperion may be acting as a broker for an oil company, but will never do it themselves. They may do something really stupid on their own like a waste dump, but it will never be a refinery.

One of the biggest reasons I’m calling it a day has a lot to do with apathy. I put out calls for action and very few show up. For whatever reason, there always seems to be something else more important to be doing. It is always the same core of people that support efforts to stop Hyperion and stay informed about the county. I appreciate that. I just don’t think people care anymore and don’t want to be bothered. Just leave them alone. What happens, happens and they think they can’t do anything about it. WRONG!
I’m trying to figure out how to reach the rest of the county, but Beresford, Alcester, Elk Point and all points south remain in the dark about the threat of Hyperion. The newspapers in that area won’t print my ‘epistles’ because they are too long so they remain hopeless.
I cannot sway the opinions on the commissioners. They are going to do what they do and nothing is going to change their minds. Believe it or not, I don’t bash them because I want to, I do it hoping somebody out there will pick up on it and everyone will start asking questions about how the county employees are doing their job. If they had been doing their job in the first place, we wouldn’t be opting out to fix the roads. That is another story.

Let me leave you with my thoughts about the events that have been happening in the last 3 years. Hyperion will never build a refinery, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sell the idea to big oil.

The county commissioners will continue as normal, and feel as if they are doing us a favor by their presence. They will continue to spend foolishly and until citizens get fed up and throw out the whole bunch, things are not going to change. They are going to tax us to death.

The planning and zoning will continue unabated. The Planning Director is not accountable to anyone in the county and is one of the most powerful persons in the court house. Unless you are a friend of his or have lots of money he will continue to ramble on as normal. The planning and zoning committee might have good intentions, but only do what he tells them to do. The five of them together can’t make a decision when to go to the bathroom.

The county assessor doesn’t have the skills necessary to do the job and should seriously consider another finding other areas of employment that suit what skills she does have.

If the citizens of this county don’t form a watchdog committee and continually hound the commissioners to do a better job and be accountable for their actions, things will continue as normal.

I have enjoyed doing these articles, and now I think I will just sit back and take a deep breath and write a book about this whole episode. I already have the title.
“In The Beginning Was The Word,
and The Word Was “Gorilla”


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