Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's get back on Track

September 17th, 2008
Let’s get back on track
There are rumors flying everywhere this weekend. There was an article in the Sioux City Journal on Friday that there are some options on the Hyperion project that have not been renewed. As of Saturday I can count 5. There might be more, but I can only account for 5. By the time this is printed in the paper there may even be more. All we can do is hope. This brings me to the following questions. Is Hyperion running out of money? After all, they still have not said they are coming here. Now you know they are expecting us to ask that question. They will say “Why of course not, we are just firming up the areas.” Right! Randy Golden bought land for $9000 an acre and now is trying to sell it for $70,000 an acre. I would think Hyperion would hold on to all it can wouldn’t you?
I really have to cuss Hyperion on this one because I was in bed almost asleep when these thoughts come sweeping though my head. They just kept running round and round, so I didn’t any choice but to get up and start typing.
When Hyperion was touting this refinery, it was to begin construction in 2009 and be finished by 2014. Okay, this is September, 2008 and it seems to me that they had better get started or they will be behind the power curve and never catch up. First of all, the refinery is 9 or 10 miles from the Missouri river. Has anyone seen the planned route they are going to use for the pipeline carrying the water? Hyperion does not own all the land between the river and the refinery so that means that they are going to have to purchase more land, negotiate leases, or use EMINENT DOMAIN! The State of South Dakota is going to descend upon us and with one quick stroke of the pen is going to take land away from current landowners to make way for the refinery. How long will it take the courts and concerned landowners to arrive at an agreeable price? The new law that the legislature passed last year makes it possible to happen in 60-90 days. Check the ruling the legislature made concerning the DM&E railroad.
Now being the simple person that I am I would have a map drawn out where I want to send this pipeline (other than up someone’s backside…) I think I would be letting people know that I plan on taking your land for the pipeline, and will probably offer you the assessed value for your land for you to have the privilege to letting a water pipeline lay in your ditch 5 feet down. The pipe could be 36 inches in diameter laying five feet down in your ditch. I should think by now they have it planned out where they want it to go, so why aren’t they talking to landowners. Maybe they want you to all be pissed off at the same time so they are keeping it a secret. No sense in having everyone in a big tussle for months and months, let’s just do it right before it is going to be done.
Speaking of Eminent Domain has anyone given any thought lately as to where the railroad is going to fit in. they don’t have to declare eminent domain by the way, they have easements going back to 1854 that have not been abandon, so all they have to do is resurrect those old lines and they are back is business. They just come to the door and say “so sorry mate, but we have an easement through your property to build a railroad. If you would be so kind as to pack your belongings and get out it would be greatly appreciated.”
Does one get the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg? It really makes me wonder what other surprises Hyperion has in store for us. You know, Hyperion hasn’t said anything about where the pipelines are going. Will they have to declare eminent domain for them as well? Why don’t we just sign the whole damn county over to them and let them get it on. That is what the people voted isn’t it? Can you just see thousands of workers suddenly descending upon us to start construction? That is scary. I think to be realistic one needs to think that it is going to be several more years before this gets going.. Could we be so lucky? I certainly hope the rest of my life isn’t spent waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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