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What price - Economic Development

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What price – Economic Development?

Since 2006 there have been many people and families whose lives have been disrupted by the proposed economic development in Union County and the surrounding areas. What price have they had to pay for this coming development? Families and friends have become alienated by a difference of opinion. All in the name of progress. People are afraid to plan their future because of the possibility it can all be dashed by the decisions of those who have no connection with them whatsoever. And for what? Economic development in my mind is fast approaching an unspeakable term. It is a disgusting phrase and an even more disgusting idea. When one considers what this area of the world is like, economic development doesn’t fit. We have successful farmers who bring thousands of dollars to the local economy. We have couples who are raising families in a peaceful and loving atmosphere until economic development becomes the main topic of conversation. What price do people who are opposed to economic development have to pay to keep this from happening?

Hyperion was the tip of the iceberg, and I wrote an article back in early March about reaching the tipping point when other industries will be coming and lo and behold, there are rumors daily about a ‘kosher’ meatpacking plant coming to Union County. Now we are going to be having more people experiencing the economic development being felt in the townships immediately to their south. Where are our elected officials and the influential people in the county when it comes time to listen to their constituents?

Economic development is not always a good thing. My wife and I moved to this area to allow us to enjoy the peace and quietness and clean air that comes with it. We moved here with a special purpose in our lives; that to allow us to be in a community that was friendly and focused on building on that idea. We developed friendships where no matter where we went, we knew each other by first names and greeted each other with laughter and smiles on each other’s faces. A place where a handshake was your bond. It was a time in my life where I felt it was time for me to escape the hustle and bustle of big city living and we found that on our acreage. We felt closeness to nature and our God that had never been experienced before. Our lives became almost calm and serene. This sounds almost like the ideal way to live out one’s life. And now this is about to be destroyed b y “Economic Development.”

Who is giving these people the right to destroy this image? Who is giving these people the right to come in here and destroy communities, families and friends all in the name of economic development? Who are these people that are coming in here forcing me to make choices that I do not choose to make? Who are these people that are coming here to line their pockets with money and change the demographics of this community forever at our expense? Who are these people who are coming here thinking they know what is best for our lives? Would someone please explain to me why I am spending so much time and money to protect my little corner of the world all in the name of “Economic Development?”

What is the price that we must pay for” Economic Development?”


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