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Button, Button, who's got the button

September 30th, 2009
Button, Button, who’s got the Button?
Will somebody please tell me what is going on with Hyperion? Last Wednesday, Mr. Robert Graham filed the appeal for “Save Union County”, COOP, and the Sierra Club. They stated in their appeal that Hyperion will fail to meet the clean air act for the refinery and therefore should deny the application. That is plain enough isn’t it? Pretty much a straight forward deal.
Also on Wednesday, Mr. Eric Williams released a statement for Hyperion. It said that they “trumpet” the decision by DENR to add using the thermal oxidizers even though this is not being done by any other oil company in the United States. (WAIT A MINUTE) hasn’t Hyperion been saying all along that a refinery has not been built in the United States since 1976 and that they will build a “state of the art” refinery using all the latest technology. And now they have the audacity to come out and say they “Trumpet” the idea of using oxidizers? They weren’t going to use them at all until DENR told them they had to. What the heck is going on here? In the hearing process they complained that it wasn’t economically feasible for them to have to spend $30-50 million dollars for oxidizers and/or scrubbers for the plant and now they “Trumpet” the idea. I think it is a little more like sucking wind.
Then on Thursday, they file their own appeal to Hughes County (which is in Pierre by the way) but they wouldn’t be specific on what the appeal was about. They wouldn’t say what portions of the application if any they will appeal, but they filed the appeal anyway. I think is about the fact that DENR said if they didn’t put the oxidizers in they wouldn’t get the permit, but Hyperion says they will accept DENR’s decision. Bullpucky! They are more confused than we are. Their spokesman says one thing then the next day they say something else. Who are we to believe anymore? If anything, I think Hyperion just added cause to our appeal because they don’t want to put the oxidizers in. when you are spending $10-15 Billion for a refinery, what the heck is another $50 million?
Do you remember when this thing first started and I said that Hyperion didn’t have a clue about how to build a refinery. I think they are proving it now that they don’t have a flippin clue what is going on and furthermore don’t know they have a problem. If you were trying to get investors in a project wouldn’t you be a bit more positive about what you’re doing?
Preston Phillips said in the news release that “We know some will say it’s going overboard because it’s handling such a small amount of vapor, but we agree with the state that it’s the right thing to do to protect the region’s air quality,” Hyperion executive Preston Phillips said in
Wednesday’s statement. Does that make one want to lean over and throw up or what? I have to give them credit though. Everyone always says that Texans are full of B.S., and Hyperion is making a damn good case of proving it true.
I get more convinced every day that this project will never happen. How could it when they, of all people, don’t know from one day to the next what they will do. That’s enough about them, let’s talk about another project that is near and dear to my heart.
Ed Cable received a letter from Dennis Henze a couple of weeks ago and was told that “Save Union County” signs and “Vote No Hyperion” signs are in violation of county ordinances and must be removed. I have an issue with the “Save Union County” signs. Do they say anything political? Does anyone remember them being political? Were they at one time considered political? Dennis Henze seems to think so. Or at least Ross Jordan does. He make an offhand remark at one of the commissioners meetings and I guess Dennis took it to heart and started beating his breast like a “Gorilla” and started pontificating that the election is over take ‘em down. I don’t think you can bluff Ed Cable, and I don’t think the signs are coming down anytime soon. Course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong. Somebody doesn’t have enough to do.
Is anyone having a problem writing a letter to Region 8 of the EPA. I will certainly be glad to help you if you want help. Hyperion might be making their water permit application soon, and we need to be ready for them. We are still writing about the air permit though, so don’t get mixed up. The appeal will be working its way through the maze but keep those cards and letters coming because they will certainly help make decisions easier in the long run.


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